Saturday, 11 March 2017

Absolutely Fine

Bring on the second Scottish independence referendum.

The second No vote would be a body blow to the SNP, whose horrific austerity policies and whose general incompetence are impossible to oppose on the part of the Blair Era time warp that is the Scottish Labour Party.

This campaign would be Jeremy Corbyn's opportunity to start again, more or less from scratch, and most obviously around the Leader that Scottish Labour ought to have, Neil Findlay.

In all fairness, the SNP does send a few people to Westminster, such as Mhairi Black, who might be seen as to the left of most Labour MPs, even if not of Corbyn.

Plaid Cymru also does that in Wales.

And Caroline Lucas would at least describe herself in such terms.

So that's Scotland, Wales, and the South of England with MPs outside the Labour Party and in some sense to its left.

Since 2015, however, none such has been returned from the North of England.

Step forward a star of the last Scottish referendum campaign, and a star of the next one, the next MP for Manchester Gorton, George Galloway.

Come on, George, since you already seem to be living there, get on and declare  your candidacy.

Then we can all get on with the twin campaigns up to 4th May.

One would be for the tormentors of the Teaching Assistants, and of so many others, to be removed from Durham County Council.

And the other would be for the champion of the Teaching Assistants, and of so many others in every corner of the world, to be restored to the most famous Parliament in the world.

George, that is the only excuse that I, for one, would accept for your absence from the count here that night.

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