Saturday, 11 March 2017

Spam For Brains

Owen Jones will not starve. 

No one ever went down either the economic or the social ladder by betraying the Left, and he was already pretty far up both of those. 

Owen Jones has become Nick Cohen, and Nick Cohen is doing fine.

Owen Jones has become Melanie "white Western nationalism" Phillips, and Melanie "white Western nationalism" Phillips is doing fine.

As for those who are taking yet another opportunity to use the line about "the Judean People's Front", that is always an useful illustration of the fact that for Blairites and for what were once called Thatcherites, Monty Python is the upper limit of their frame of reference.

They may, especially in the Blairite case, have been to university, and even to the very grandest of universities. They may have lived much or all of their lives in London.

But the dead parrot, the knights who say "Ni!", and the songs about sperm and penises in The Meaning of Life, are still the most sophisticated things that they have ever seen or heard.

There are no most sophisticated things that they have ever read, because, like Thatcher and Blair, they have never read anything of the slightest cultural importance, if anything at all.

That is what distinguishes them, both from traditional Tories, and, even more so, from the Left.


  1. Sorry, not been here for a while. I thought you were Owen Jones' best pal. Am I right you were writing that he knew your name and you were spinning around most happily for a while on here because of that? What went wrong?

    1. I'm not sure what that means. Yes, he knew my name. I knew his. So what?