Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Red Pirate, Indeed

Say what you like about George Galloway, but a series of children's books? Who would have seen that coming? 

The Nine Lives of George Galloway is a book that will cry out to be written in due season. There'll never be another.

George has given the Durham Teaching Assistants more support than any other national politician who was not based in County Durham (and far more than most of those who were), even including Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy ought to have suspended the Labour Group on Durham County Council for having brought the Labour Party into disrepute. 

There is still the time in which to do that, but that time is running out.

George, on the other hand, has given an unconditional, and highly effective, platform to the cause on his radio programme and via his vast followings on Twitter and Facebook, which extend to every continent.

That is no small part of why the TAs are lionised, not only throughout the trade union movement in these Islands, a movement that has sprung into action by a combination of both the oldest and the newest means at its disposal, but also everywhere that George's name is known.

From the souks to the favelas, from the Dalit colonies to the Rohingya camps, and from Crimea, to Kashmir, to the scattered outposts of Diego Garcia. Among numerous other places.

The other key contributor to that combination of a national and and a global, a trade unionist and a broader activist profile has been the Durham Miners' Association, which has sat at the centre of such a network throughout living memory, although never more so than under Davey Hopper.

Davey never re-joined the Labour Party after he had left it over the war in Afghanistan and over the neglect of the former coalfield communities by the Blair Government. We owe it to his memory to elect no Labour member whatever to Durham County Council on 4th May.

That would be heard wherever Davey's name was known, and wherever George's name is known.

As would George's election at Manchester Gorton on that same day. His online offerings drop more than enough hints. He is an invaluable source of information about the chaotic Labour selection procedure there.

But why is he waiting for that?

If he were simply to declare, then we could begin in earnest our twin campaigns, simultaneously to remove the TAs' tormentors, among quite a few other people's, from Durham County Council, and to restore the TAs' champion, among so very many other people's, to the House of Commons.


  1. Galloway's support is the Kiss of Death.

    The man who called the torturer-tyrant Fidel Castro the greatest human being I ever met" (he'd clearly never spent time in his dungeons), said he pines for the return of the Soviet Union and then hilariously pretended to be in favour of "civil liberties."

    Galloway is a joke and a disgrace.

    1. He will be back in Parliament in the course of this Parliament, at which point he will have won as many elections to the House of Commons as Nigel Farage has lost.

    2. Nigel who?

      "@georgegalloway has given @TAs_Durham more support than any other national politician not based in County Durham," the TAS' official Twitter has just tweeted, linking to this post.

    3. And "Twin campaigns: remove @TAs_Durham's tormentors from Durham County Council, restore @georgegalloway to the Commons," tweets George, with the same link.