Monday, 6 March 2017

The Rising Yellow Tide

The last quarter does show more money donated to the Lib Dems than to Labour.

But the ever-hefty donation by the Co-op to the Co-op Party comfortably maintains Labour candidates' lead.

That, and the huge union donations to the Labour Party, remain most of the biggest money in British politics.

As is just as well, because they are easily the cleanest.

Still, there is no denying that Lib Dem funds, membership and vote share are all up.

They have already taken one of the dozens of Remain seats that the Conservatives currently hold in the South.

They have already selected a candidate at Manchester Gorton, where they were strong until the Coalition, whereas Labour is still fighting over who should be on the committee.

And the files on the shameless overspending by the Conservatives in double figures' worth of seats at the last General Election, which they barely won, have now been passed to all relevant authorities.


  1. Yep, hung Parliament in 2020 even without the Tory election fraud. Hung Parliament in 2017 with the Tory election fraud. And then what of Brexit? No conceivable Commons majority for May's version of it, anyway.

    1. At last, the South East matters electorally. It never used to. Labour could lose scores of seats there in 2005, but still win overall.

      In 2020, though, the battle between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems for the Remain heartlands will make a great deal of difference.

      Of course, Labour will still be either the largest or the second-largest party, with the Conservatives in the other spot. But then the fun will begin.

      There was no Commons majority for the form of Brexit that May affects to support, anyway.