Monday, 6 March 2017

Baghdad Banned No More

Iraq is no longer on the Banned List. 

Someone must have told Donald Trump that it was supposed to have been liberated. 

Although he could hardly have been blamed for having forgotten. 

Or for never having known.


  1. Iraq was the country that Barack Obama banned all refugees coming from for six months, (not a mere 90 days) back in 2011.

    Ever wondered why there were no international leftwing protests against that ban, led by Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Lili Allen and that batty Madonna woman?

    Because Obama was a Democrat, in favour of taxpayer-funded abortion and gay marriage, you see.

    So there were no leftwing protests against his ban.

    You've gotta love liberal morality, eh?

    1. There were plenty of demonstrations against Obama, on this and numerous other issues.

      Ignored, they were organised by the people who will be impossible to ignore when they organise the demonstrations against Trump, whatever pretensions the likes of Owen Jones might have.

      And one of their number has become the Leader of the Labour Party.

      Abortion and same-sex marriage? Trump is a donor to Planned Parenthood, and he has been in favour of same-sex marriage since Obama and both of the Clintons were against it.

      For as long as the issue has existed, he has always been in favour of it. There are extremely few politicians like that. Extremely few.