Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Race For The White House

This afternoon bought another spam email from my regular correspondent, and very probably yours, Ms Ayesha Gaddafi.

This time, I might reply, saying:

"Today is for your Dad. Rest In Power, Brother Leader, enthroned on the collapsed turnout and the greatly increased Republican vote in black areas. #BlackLivesMatter. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika." 

But that would be bad. Wouldn't it? No, of course it's not really her. But it must be someone.

Although white working-class areas that voted for Obama would not vote for Clinton. The racists.

There was also 30 per cent of the Hispanic vote for Trump.

There are no more "blacks'n'Hispanics" in America than there are "blacks'n'Asians" in Britain.

There are no more or less "Hispanics", as a bloc, in America than there are "Asians", as a bloc, in Britain.

But insofar as there is an Hispanic bloc, then it has not forgotten Honduras.

It remembered that well enough to help ensure that Clinton's opponent won Florida.

#LatinoLivesMatter, too.

Now, I must apologise to Britain's politically blackest, and possibly also Britain's politically most Latino, politician.

At 12:38am, George Galloway tweeted:

"I predict a Trump victory tonight. Fasten your seatbelt. Brexit style revolt of the working class against Wall St and the elites"

But I did not retweet that. I should have done.

Between him and Neil Clark, among others, RT's "obscure pundits" have blown the absurdly overpaid and utterly detached "experts" out of the water.

Expect RT to enter a golden age.

The American electorate has rejected the New Cold War, and it will not be the last to do so.


  1. Neil Fleming gave you a black heart.

    1. I'm going to use that one. But he and Hilary Armstrong astonished me by making me politically black, in the way that university astonished me, from the very first night onwards, by making me politically working-class. I have never looked back, and I never shall.

  2. If anything it's Jeremy who's Britain's most Latino politician, a real specialist on Latin America with a Mexican wife and a Chilean ex-wife to prove it.