Thursday, 3 November 2016

The One Key Difference

No surprise here, either about Alex Neil, who used to be on the Labour Left, or about Neil Findlay, who still is, and who ought to be leading Labour in Scotland.

A sizeable section of the SNP's membership and a very sizeable section of its electorate have never been keen on the EU, to say the very least.

(The same used to be true of the Lib Dems, by the way. I am not sure if it still is. But it certainly used to be. Several areas where they still do well voted Leave.)

Further south, there are fanciful suggestions that Labour might lose seats because of its "Brexit stance", which, as a party, is exactly the same as that of the Conservatives.

Both parties campaigned for a Remain vote, but both accept the outcome of the referendum.

Each has a Leader who barely campaigned for Remain, although the public utterances of Jeremy Corbyn, expressing very grave doubts, ought to be contrasted with the semi-public utterances of Theresa May to Goldman Sachs.

But there is one key difference.

The Labour Left, which is now in firm control of the party machine, has an intricately worked out plan for a post-Brexit Britain.

Whereas the people now running the Conservative Party do not have a clue.

A General Election between those two? Bring it on.

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