Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ten Questions For Stunned Elites

If a Fellow of All Souls isn't a member of the elite, then I don't know who is. But be that as it may, John Redwood writes:

So, let's have the answers to this lot. Are there in fact any satisfactory answers?

1) Why did you let the banks expand credit far too much prior to 2007?

2) Why did you bring several banks down by refusing liquidity and not backing schemes for bank recovery, leaving others badly wounded in 2007-8?

3) Why have you gone for Quantitative easing and ultra low rates, which damages small savers and helps the super rich at the expense of everyone else?

4) Why didn’t you get on with the task of encouraging and enforcing recapitalisation of the banks so we can have a normal credit creating system again capable of financing recovery?

5) Why did you bring down a dictator in Libya without having a plan to rebuild a better government and society?

6) Why did you go to war in Iraq?

7) Whose side are you on in the Syrian civil war, and how is western military action helping?

8) Can you bomb people into accepting democracy?

9) Why did you back the Exchange Rate Mechanism, the Euro, the Remain campaign and the Clinton campaign, and what do you think of how they have done?

10) Why should people trust the economic and political judgments of the World Bank, the EU, the IMF, the Bank of England and the rest when they have got so many forecasts wrong?

Answers, please, on a postcard.


  1. Nobody on the Right is a member of the elite any more.

    That is the message of the past five months, when we have consistently defeated the elite in every vote.

    1. Those were elite victories, con jobs by the megarich and their media outriders. Brexit didn't have to be but it was, unless there's something anti-Establishment about Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch. By definition making Donald Trump President of the United States was the biggest elite victory of all time. Once his appointments start, the people who swung it for him in the Rust Belt will see what a ride they've been taken for.