Saturday, 5 November 2016

Sleeping Dogs?

Donald Trump suggests that Hillary Clinton lacks the stamina to be President, since, after a campaign rally, she goes to sleep.

If only she did, one suspects.

But the man whom Trump's supporters would hilariously regard as the greatest ever President of the United States was fast asleep for most of the afternoons of his second term.


  1. The jig is up for democracy in the Anglosphere as we see from recent terrible events on both sides of the Atlantic.

    I've never seen the level of public anger (and hostility to politicians in general) that I saw in the BBC Question Time audience the other week, directed at a Parliament that is content to destroy the public trust on which our institutions depend for their legitimacy by going back on its word and overturning the result of a referendum it voted to hold.

    I've never seen the Daily Mai openly question the independence of our own judiciary as it did with its "Enemies of the People" front page.

    Our public institutions on both sides of the Atlantic are in disrepute, utterly out of touch with and contemptuous of the electorate.

    We could soon become like a lawless third world country where people hate and mistrust their politicians and judges and riot on the streets to make their voices heard.

    1. Calm down, dear.

      And the Daily Mail does have form on that one.

  2. It's no laughing matter. I always feared the EU would end up destroying our democracy since we always had a much more advanced political culture than Europe.

    There, they have only recently had democracy instead of dictatorship (in the case of Eastern Europe, only very recently) they have no juries or truly independent judges, and judges and politicians are hated and mistrusted.

    We are in danger of becoming just like the Continentals now, after being ruled by them for so long.

    1. Oh, get a grip. The lead on this nonsense is coming from papers owned by Rupert Murdoch, of all people, plus one that did in fact support both British Fascism and Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

  3. No such ever ruled this country or ever could. Whereas such dictators and demagogues have ruled over the Continent within living memory.

    It is not "nonsense"; when there is such a vast distance between our Parliament and the views of voters and when even our once independent judiciary is intimately bound up with the EU so it can no longer be trusted to rule impartially on such matters.

    I agree we are approaching a crisis of democracy and the greatest constitutional crisis of modern times.

    1. Give over!

      And this country was just lucky never to have gone that way. It was more or less by chance.

      I see that you are still away with the fairies of "the Anglosphere". But Trump and Clinton are not aberrations. They are, in their different ways, just America being America.

      Neither of them could happen here, whatever else could, and has done. There is no "Anglosphere".