Saturday, 12 November 2016

Salt and Vinegar

This powerful post has been doing the right rounds in the last 24 hours:

We went through the Miners' Strike as a newly married couple, with a mortgage on a new house.

My husband went to the farmers' fields and pinched turnips to make me some chips for tea after my day's work in a primary school [so much for Teaching Assistants as a recent innovation, or as found only in special schools until recently]. Didn't even have any salt or vinegar. They were awful.

My nursery nurse pay paid the mortgage for each month, with £5 left to live on. We burnt shoes and slippers on our coke fire, as we didn't have any fuel.

We managed to live like this for a year, so I am well prepared to do it again. Been there once. Can do it again. 

Durham County Council doesn't realise how many Teaching Assistants have this mining background [and that lack of realisation is quite staggering, when you think about it].

Bring it on. Been there, got the T-shirt. We will win.


  1. Peter Oborne rightly says that America's extraordinary election result and our own Leave vote will trigger a storm of rebellions against liberal elites across Europe.

    As Oborne says, we used to be taught that all revolutions-except military coups-were leftwing, but these are Right-wing rebellions.

    Let the dominos fall.

    1. The beneficiary in Britain will be Jeremy Corbyn. How right-wing is that? Or how right-wing is Trump? This was an election with no Republican candidate. The Rust Belt still hasn't voted Republican. Not really. Just ask real Republicans.