Friday, 4 November 2016

No Lords A-Leaving

I have a soft spot for the House of Lords, which is far more politically diverse than the House of Commons has been in many a long year.

But you have been told for 45 years that you could have the House of Lords, or you could have withdrawal from the EU. Having both was not an option.

That matter is about to come to a head.

The Lords was always going to block the Bill that sought to repeal the European Communities Act for a year, and then send it back to the Commons in an unrecognisable form.

Even before that, though, it now intends to do the same to the Bill that merely sought to authorise the invocation of Article 50.

Tony Benn tried to tell you.

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  1. On every right wing site, the commentators are readying the tumbrils. And of course in the Seventies Benn was talking about the over-sentimentalised hereditary peers whose only principle was voting as the Tory prefects told them to. When it came to Tory Lords Whips, they were picked for having literally been the prefects of the people they were charged to keep in line. Thus was a whole House of our Parliament organised.