Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mining Stock Arguments

As Amber Lights Are On But There's No One At Home prepares to be humiliated over Orgreave, the remaining Thatcher cultists are reviving the old chestnut that the aim of the Miners' Strike was "to bring down an elected Government".

What a load of hysterical nonsense. The terrifying thing is that there are people who genuinely believe it.

Well, no, not "terrifying". Such people are a joke.

They also believe that the NUM really did bring down a Government (a Government that they profess to despise, anyway) in 1974.

Nothing to do with the two General Elections in that year? You know, people voting? Oh, no.

And that, too, means that the people who believe it are a joke.

There has only ever been one political strike, as such, in the United Kingdom. But no one ever mentions it, because it doesn't fit anyone's script.

That was also in 1974. It was the Ulster Workers' Council's strike against the Sunningdale Agreement, and it was fully successful.

If the NUM had won, then Britain would now be energy independent, with no British wars in the Middle East.

Think on.