Monday, 14 November 2016

For Anything Official

Donald Trump is economically the most left-wing candidate to have won an American Presidential Election since 1964.

He won by winning states that would only ever have voted for a candidate like that if such had been available.

They would have voted for Bernie Sanders against him, given the choice.

I am laughing myself silly at the triumphalistic glee of people who supported the George Bushes, or Ronald Reagan, or Margaret Thatcher.

You couldn't even get a candidate onto the ballot anywhere that Evan McMullin was not an option.

But then, you also think that you have somehow won with economically Britain's most left-wing Prime Minister since 1976.

She simply reads out a programme that was peculiar to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell 18 months ago.

You applaud her to the rafters for that, just so long as there is never an inquiry into Orgreave.

Yet the Government does not dispute the NUM's version of events at Orgreave, only the need for anything official.


  1. The likes of Charlie Wolf don't even try and correct BBC interviewers who call Trump "not a Republican", "a Keynesian", and "a New Deal Democrat".

    1. Trump is not a Republican. He is a Keynesian and a New Deal Democrat, and that was how and why he won.