Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Right-Wing Revolution?

What, when the Rust Belt voted for industrial protectionism, and for a candidate despised by everyone who mattered in the Republican Party?

The Democrats just need a candidate like that in 2020. Such a candidate, who was available, would have won this year.

Trump has already begun to climb down on Obamacare.

His "reform" of it seems to mean the implementation of his long-held belief in a universal single-payer system. Already known to many of us as the National Health Service.

His promise to lift the moratorium on coal sounds like every speech to the Durham Miners' Gala, including those delivered by Jeremy Corbyn, and indeed by Ed Miliband before him.

Can you imagine the British Right's proclaiming a return to the mines?

Nor was the EU referendum an election.

Let's see which party wins the parliamentary seats in Sunderland or in Neath Port Talbot in 2020. And which doesn't.


  1. It is hilarious, isn't it? They love coal everywhere except in Britain.

    1. And Theresa May can be as left-wing as she likes in the present or the future, just so long as there is no official inquiry into what everyone already knows about Orgreave. It is pitiful, it really is. To think what the Right used to be.