Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Turtle Power

My television début, before an audience of between 650 million and one billion people, in over 100 countries.

There was not the time to go into what is also the worsened and worsening educational situation on Ascension Island, where school now finishes at 16 for everyone, with no teaching of modern foreign languages and with no GCSE History. Further deterioration is expected.

Thus are people who hold full British nationality being treated on sovereign British territory, by and on behalf of the security apparatus of a foreign state.

The American base on Ascension is very unhappy about the impending airport on Saint Helena, fearing that it will let in all and sundry from Africa and elsewhere.

But Saint Helenians remain by far the cheapest people for that base to employ, and by far the ones with the least security risk, having none whatever due to the total lack of any kind of political instability on Saint Helena. 

Now, though, only as contractors, and not as a community. Although as contractors with no pension entitlement once they are obliged to go home, as set out in the link.

When the airport causes the retirement of the last working Royal Mail Ship, the RMS Saint Helena, then links between the two islands, or rather the lack of any such links, will be the next twist in this very sorry tale. 

All in all, a national disgrace.

As is the fact, grateful though I am, that only RT has run this story. The BBC has never done so. Sky News directly refuses to do so, because I have tried. I was told to seek psychiatric help. That's Murdoch for you.

Not for the first time, and doubtless not for the last, thank goodness for Russia Today.


  1. Why does the BBC and Sky refuse to run this story? I'd be interested to know.

    You are very well-spoken on here. Almost a posh boy.

  2. But not quite.

    Story of my life.

    The BBC, and also Channel 4 News, have merely not replied, which is par for the course. Sky, on the other hand...

    But you would have to ask them why. They were very adamant about wanting nothing to do with this.

    They may please themselves. Their audience is a bit small for me after this. Especially when you add in that last night, it was played on the radio in Saint Helena. Truly, I have arrived.

  3. If you spoke in such accents at a Labour conference you'd probably be kicked out.

    It would be almost as bad as smoking or wearing a tie.

    There must be some reason for their silence-they couldn't shut up about Gibraltar even though it wasn't really under threat 9and, if it was, Spain could take it back in a flash).

  4. Now that you mention it, I do speak and dress exactly like what are regarded as the more telegenic attendees at Labour Party Conferences. These days, I am even saying much the same things.

    The could try that as some kind of line next year: "Labour: Setting Your Teenage Son On His 20-Year Journey Towards Becoming David Lindsay."

  5. Justin Bieber has a long way to go before he gets there.

  6. He is already too old to try and start.

  7. David, I was recommended this video by a friend, who reads you regularly. I was dismayed to find that it has been "removed by the user". What has happened? Who is responsible for this outrage? Where can I view it. Thanks, Helen.

  8. Something about copyright of the pictures. But search YouTube for "David Lindsay Ascension Island", and you will still find an edited version.