Friday, 20 September 2013

The Wilting Bloom

UKIP's only target electorate already routinely refers to women in such terms and very much worse, and would have found any non-white face offensive on the brochure as in real life.

All that Bloom has done is to have persuaded even more of them to vote UKIP rather than Conservative. The withdrawal of the Whip in the last few minutes is what will have cost them votes.

He'll stand as an Independent or for a new party of his own next year, and he won't be the only MEP elected for UKIP who does so. It is starting to fall apart.

He was still allowed to be a platform speaker, or even a speaker from the floor, less than an hour before the Whip was going to be withdrawn from him, the Leader having publicly demanded it, so that it could not conceivably have been prevented from happening.

All on television.


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