Wednesday, 18 September 2013

There Will Always Be The Lib Dems

There will always be room for a way of voting against the local landed Tory or commercial Whig Establishment without voting for the Scottish, or Northern, or urban, or a bit common Labour Party.

There will always been room for a way of voting against the local trade union or municipal Labour machine without voting for the English, or Southern, or rural, or posh Conservative Party.

And there will always be room for a party of bourgeois-triumphalist pure technocrats; what The Economist, itself very much of that persuasion, calls "High Liberals".

If only the High Liberals who have run the Conservative Party since time immemorial because they were almost entirely responsible for its creation, and if only such of the High Liberals as remain in the Labour Party although they no longer matter in it, were to clear off to the Lib Dems, where they belong.

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