Thursday, 12 September 2013

Special Delivery

The alliance that defeated military intervention in Syria must also defeat the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

If Ed Miliband announced at seven o'clock this morning that the next Labour Government would reverse that privatisation, then not only would he sweep the countryside that both Coalition parties intend to abandon at that hour (having already cut its public services like demented souls, but this really is the last straw), but he would also stop that privatisation itself, since no potential buyer would take the risk.

The priority would then be to ensure the right Labour candidates in rural seats. No section of society is more excluded from the national conversation than the rural working class, especially, though not exclusively, in England. Let this be the day on which that wrong begins to be righted.


  1. Royal Mail was sold because there isn't any opposition in Parliament.

  2. There seems to be plenty. There always has been to this one, going back a generation now.