Saturday, 28 September 2013

Allowed Again

So, David Cameron is to announce a thousand pound tax allowance transferable from a working to a non-working spouse or civil partner.

Not a patch on the popular appeal of the energy price freeze, but at least a step in the right direction, considering that Alistair Darling had been all ready to do it until the last General Election intervened.

Plus Cameron matches the energy price freeze, and within minutes of having announced this, Miliband matches that, too? Why not? Once the Leader has spoken...

And this is no more or less hypocritical given the Tories' record when they were last in office than the energy price freeze is given Labour's.

Are we only one Parliament away from the Britain of publicly owned energy utilities and of the married couple's tax allowance? Do you know, I am starting to believe that we are.


  1. Labour is soon about to learn that they do not have a monopoly on bribing people for votes.

    It's the oldest trick in the book.

    Whenever Reagan or Bill Clinton wanted to win new voters, they just offered them a tax cut-like Miliband's energy freeze.

    It worked brilliantly-every time.

    Now the Tories newly-planned tax cuts will be the first (and most welcome) thing they've ever done for their own voters since Cameron took over.

    This is an easy game to play, since we don't have serious politics any more.

  2. People liked and believed Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Heaven knows why, but they did.

    Whereas if Osborne cuts taxes, then people would sincerely refuse to believe that he had done so, and even presenting them with their own payslips would not change their minds.