Friday, 20 September 2013

But One

Many of us remember the proverbial infallibility of The Next Pope But One in the days of The Last Pope But One.

Well, here he is: The Next Pope But One.

So he must be saying these things. He just must be.

It doesn't matter that he plainly and simply isn't.


  1. I couldn't believe the comments he made about abortion in the Jesuits newspaper (or, I should say, all 16 of their newspapers).

    He really is a liberal, after all. What a great shame.

  2. Which comments on abortion?

    If he had said anything even vaguely remarkable, then that would have been the biggest news in the world since the War.

    But he didn't. Of course he didn't. He's the Pope.

  3. It was news all over the world this week-have you not seen the comments?

    He said it was "small-minded" of the Church to focus on abortion ( that's what the liberals think) and that the Church would fall "like a House of cards" if it continued fighting on these issues.

    I've never heard anything so shockingly un-Catholic from a Pope.

    If my mother were still with us today, she'd be appalled.

  4. Not at all, it is what the Church has always taught.

    This is what happens when, as was bound to happen, there is a Pope to whom the United States is not the centre of the world.

    The American and wannabe-American types who have cheerfully excused anything at all in return for a purely rhetorical nod in the direction against abortion, reaching nadir in 2012 when Mitt Romney was not even expected to give that (he still derives an income from the performance of the publicly funded abortion that he legalised in Massachusetts) yet was still held up as somehow the Catholic candidate, never had the first thing to do with the Church's Teaching.

    But they were able, for almost entirely superficial reasons, to present themselves as loyal to Blessed John Paul II and to Benedict XVI. They cannot get away with that this time. The long-overdue requirement to choose starkly between Americanism and Catholicism is now upon us in earnest. Good.

  5. I fail to see what your answer has to do with the Pope's comments this week. You don't even address them.

    As for Romney, at least he vowed to abolish federal funding for Planned Parenthood ( long since exposed, and not only by Fox News, as funding for abortion by the back door ) and to return abortion legislation to the control of individual states instead of Legt-wing Supreme Court judges.

    Obama ran on an openly pro-abortion ticket and recorded video election adverts proclaiming it.

    As the Democrats always have.

    Before Obama was President, he fought against a ban even on executing newborns who had survived partial-birth abortions .

    You prefer that to Romney?

  6. If that was the choice, which I suppose that it was.

    Romney derives an income from taxpayer-funded abortion, and everything else that he promised he constitutionally could not have done.

    It was all a con, and no surprise that nowhere near enough people were daft enough to fall for it.

    The American Right and its sad satellites in Britain and Australia, in neither of which it makes up very much at all of the Catholic population, could just ignore the last two Popes on social justice and on peace because of other, almost entirely superficial, points of commonality.

    But this one is not going to let them get away with it, and he does not regard the United States as all that important, anyway.

    They are in a different world now. Not before time.

  7. The Holy Father has only changed anything if you assumed that popular American conservatism of the Fox News variety was the Teaching of the Church. It wasn't, so he hasn't.

  8. Mr. Lindsay,

    Quite right. I remember when Fox News tried desperately to downplay or twist Benedict XVI’s statements on social justice. I am not sure if they even mentioned Rome’s opposition to the Iraq War. Same goes for papal denunciations of the death penalty. It is no less cafeteria Catholicism than the variety found on the liberal left.

  9. You always have to be suspicious when leftists use phrases like "social justice".

    Sounds so sweet and innocent, doesn't it?

    But they usually mean a Leviathan state stealing enormous amounts of money from its people to take away their freedom, rendering them dependent upon that state for their livelihoods.

    As they say in America...""A Government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everything you have""

    'Social justice' is just a nice word for tyranny.

  10. It is a phrase and concept of Papal origin. Like the Living Wage. If you don't know that, then you know nothing.

  11. The more recent statements of the Holy Father on this issue (abortion) should have settled any doubts on this score. As one who has deep misgivings about Church teachings on women priests, homosexuality, and contraception, but will gladly defend what She has to say about euthanasia and abortion and capital punishment with a violent passion, I have found the balancing act performed by +Francis in recent days truly masterful. Peter lives once again, and as always stops James and Paul from cutting one anothers throats.