Sunday, 22 September 2013

Proper Purple Politics

While this is not Peter Oborne's ringing endorsement of the man who prevented a Western intervention in Syria, one cannot imagine Peter Hitchens saying anything one per cent as nice as this about either David Cameron or Nick Clegg, or for that matter about Nigel Farage:

I couldn't care less which of the three Left-wing parties is in government.

I doubt if Labour would ever have dared smash up the Armed Forces as the Coalition has done, but that’s the only difference I can see, and it’s happened now.

But my sense of fairness compels me to defend Ed Miliband against the babyish attacks now being made on him, mainly by media folk who bought shares in his Blairite brother David, and are still furious that their man was beaten in a fair fight.

Actually Ed’s shown real guts. He was the first party leader for years to refuse to toady to Rupert Murdoch’s papers.

He wants to get rid of the iniquitous political levy – something Margaret Thatcher tried and gave up because she was too scared. And whether he meant to or not, he stopped the Prime Minister taking us into a wholly idiotic war.

After the last week, there was no "Vote UKIP, if you must vote at all" from Hitchens. Oborne has never hidden his contempt for that party. We can all see where this is heading in the former's case, and where it has already arrived in the latter's. There will be others.

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