Sunday, 22 September 2013

Germany Calling

Alas, the Greens have managed to stay in. Despite a huge scandal which appeared in one of my books several years ago, but no one noticed. It has also appeared on here several times. Admittedly, my book was in English, as is this site. But if even I could find out these things, without being able to read German, then I am not sure what excuse the German media ever had.

But a shamelessly opportunistic party of global capitalism, illiberal social liberalism, secular fundamentalism, anti-democratic European federalism, American-led military interventionism, and mindlessly "modernising" change for change's sake (nothing if not a coherent and consistent position, I have to say), has gone straight from a Coalition Cabinet to no parliamentary seats whatever.

Not a single, solitary one.

It can be done.

It has been done.

Where Germany has led, let Britain follow.

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