Tuesday 20 February 2024

God Bless the Prince of Wales

Approved by the Foreign Office of David Cameron and Andrew Mitchell, of course. All this, and Andrew Gilmour on Newsnight, too. What a refined evening. On the BBC, at least. Earlier and elsewhere, Nigel Farage, who is now no more elected that Prince William is, had told him to "stick to the BAFTAs".

The battle within the Conservative Party is on, between loyalty to the Crown and to Lawrence of Arabia, and loyalty to the man whom Richard Tice has three times told the BBC that he wanted to see as President when Donald Trump was again.

Laurence Fox, who had also inherited his position in public life, nevertheless wanted an elected Head of State so that he could be it. But that complication is no more. National Conservatism goes back to Yoram Hazony, so it was always going to come down to this. There is no more a monarchy in Israel than in the United States or in Hungary. The battle lines are now clear.


  1. They've chosen a foreign state over the next King, a foreign state that's never been in the Commonwealth and was created by the Stern Gang.