Monday 19 February 2024

Buenos Aires?

When David Cameron visits the Falkland Islands, then he might explain why we had not sent a frigate or a destroyer there since 2017, and why we had now stopped doing so as a matter of policy due to no longer having any very much, leaving the place with an offshore patrol vessel that had one 30mm cannon, and with four Typhoon fighter jets, one of which was currently non-operational.

Meanwhile, Argentina is acquiring warships, submarines and fighter jets while its domestic situation is kicking off. We are stating that we would not bother a second time, because we could not bother a second time. One should add that under Javier Milei, Argentina is the latest Fatherland of those who have needed one ever since the fall of Margaret Thatcher. Argentina. As it prepares to invade the Falkland Islands. Cameron needs to be very, very, very careful.


  1. Will Argentina's rearmament programme survive going bust under Milei?

    1. Alas, yes. The most utterly bankrupt countries still keep that up.

    2. Liz Truss on steroids.

    3. Yet in their own minds they remain the only real economists. It would not matter, if they did not have such a megaphone. That needs to be taken away from them.