Thursday 29 February 2024

Crede Signo?

The stories coming out of Rochdale are just wild. Azhar Ali’s supporters spent this afternoon placing lots of last minute bets on him in the hope that the bookies’ social media posts announcing that trend would influence the result.

In strongly Labour Deeplish, a polling station clerk has been sacked on the spot and the Police have been called, after Labour councillors canvassing for the party’s disowned candidate had been allowed to talk to voters inside the building, and after people had been allowed to vote without ID. George Galloway’s agent walked in on it all. Presumably tipped off, but I don’t know.

Never mind Nick Griffin, though. He regularly does this sort of thing, to wind people up. They always fall for it, and he no longer has anything else to do.

An hour and a quarter to go.


  1. Allison Pearson has just said in GB News that people in Rochdale thought Gaza used to play football for England.

    1. There are all like that, those Tory and Telegraph ladies who were taught how to walk with books on their heads but not how to read. They know that they will be unemployable when the Telegraph changed hands, or they would not care. They are not the only ones.