Thursday 25 May 2023

Our Great American Comeback?

I am older than the Prime Minister. I am older than the second term President of the French Republic. But I refuse point blank to be older than the President of the United States. Some things are just not on. 

Not only does Ron DeSantis change his own pronunciation of his surname depending on his audience, but he also claims that the Build The Wall advertisement that won him the Republican nomination for Governor (of Florida, which has no international land border) was intended as a joke and was in any case "many years ago" in 2018.

There can only be grave reservations about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., than whom DeSantis is no more orthodox a Catholic, erring only in, for the most part, different ways. It is not as if Kennedy is going to be the nominee. But at least as yet, he is the best of the bunch this time.


  1. Biden or Trump?

    1. Biden may not be the nominee. He probably will be, but it is not nailed on.