Friday 19 May 2023

By Eck

Really, BBC? Really? Alex Salmond was on Question Time and no one wanted to ask about juryless rape trials?

Hey, ho. It is time for one of Alba's two MPs to name the conspirators against Salmond under parliamentary privilege.


  1. According to Iain Macwhirter, "Last month it emerged that the Crown Office has launched a perjury inquiry into what was said at the trial after representations from Salmond’s legal team. His accusers were senior figures in both the Scottish National party and her government. Nicola Sturgeon cannot therefore claim to be a disiniterested observer in the move to hold trials of judge-only trials for sexual offences. Indeed, you could argue that she should recuse herself: she has a direct and very personal interest."

    1. How is that not jigsaw identification? Oh, of course, there is a different law for "proper" journalists.