Sunday 21 May 2023

Not At This Address?

Some weeks ago I wrote here about how Lord Hague of Richmond, when he was Foreign Secretary, condoned the lawless overthrow of Ukraine’s legitimate, elected president, Viktor Yanukovych. This was the event which triggered the large-scale violence which has ever afterwards gripped Ukraine. I believe it is quite wrong for a law-governed state such as ours to wink at such things. Had he misled Parliament by doing so? I thought so, but I also thought I should give him a chance to defend himself.

So I wrote to him at an address provided by his official website. He replied, in my view rather feebly. He even claimed, quite wrongly, that President Yanukovych had been removed under an article of Ukraine’s constitution which absolutely did not apply. So I wrote again, to the same address. Last week my letter, showing signs of having been opened by somebody, was returned, with a sticker on it saying ‘NOT AT THIS ADDRESS’. Yet the address from which it was sent back is still listed on Lord Hague’s website as the correct one.

Oh, William, I remember the days when you were witty and amusing. But this absurd behaviour is neither. I agree that you ought to be embarrassed by what you said to the Commons in February 2014. But you would recover your standing and sweeten the air of British foreign policy, if you would admit it and withdraw what you said. And stop pretending your address is not your address.