Sunday 31 January 2021

We Have A Year, At Most

All three parties intend to nod through boundary changes that, without reducing the number of MPs, would abolish Red Wall seats by creating new Conservative-Liberal Democrat marginals in the places where people still believed in Thatcherite economic policy and in Blairite foreign policy, and now believed that there were 99 genders and that Britain should rejoin the EU.

Meanwhile, the Chagossians have received only £12,000 of the £40 million that had been set aside to compensate them for having been wronged by successive right-wing Labour Governments. A four-year-old boy has been referred under the David Blunkett's still going Prevent Strategy because he had been playing Fortnite. Labour Party membership is conditional upon subscription to the IHRA Definition, and the Government is bullying universities into adopting it, even though its own appointee to chair the Equality and Human Rights Commission dismisses that Definition as, "extremely poorly worded and probably unactionable in law."

The Official Opposition is so bad that the worst Government in living memory is still the only party with more than 40 per cent support, meaning that it would certainly win an overall majority at a General Election that might once again be held at any time. The lie is being put about that Keir Starmer has added 20 points to Labour's total at the last Election, as if it had managed only 15 to 18 per cent under Jeremy Corbyn. In reality, the fact that even this rabble would still beat him makes Starmer the worst ever Leader of the Opposition and the worst ever Leader of the Labour Party. He has outsourced the selection of parliamentary candidates to a servant (so much for his public school education), and to a Mossad agent who is not even a British citizen.

And the exams are once again to be cancelled, or as good as cancelled, meaning that they will never be coming back in any recognisable form, if at all. Too bad for people with the wrong social circles, or with high melanin, or with Y chromosomes. If you have all three of those, then you had better be as talented a footballer as Marcus Rashford. You probably aren't.

All in all, as the 40 Days of Christmas draw to end and the New Year really does need to be begun in earnest, then we do not have the right not to be getting on with building the think tank, the qualification for aspirant parliamentary candidates, the weekly magazine of news and comment, the fortnightly satirical magazine, the monthly cultural review, and the quarterly academic journal, perhaps with a registered political party to be kept in reserve. We have a year, at most.

Returning to print will be hard work, but no pressing of a button in Thames House or in Silicon Valley would just be able to delete our printing presses or our distribution networks. Like those of the Recusants of old, our printing presses might be located abroad. And the journal poses quite a conundrum. Who is to do the peer reviewing, since no university would now employ the peers? Still, across a thousand mile front both of projects and of subjects, we do not have the right not to get to work. And we have a year, at most.

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