Sunday 24 January 2021

Moscow Mules

There are 144 million people in Russia, and these pro-Navalny demonstrations are at least ostensibly being held in its largest cities. That is the context for whatever attendance figures are being cited.

Right here in Britain, the London-based media that are gushing over these events routinely ignore protests that are larger, sometimes by a factor of hundreds, than even their own highly sympathetic estimates of these, estimates that amusingly bear no resemblance to those media's own accompanying pictures. Is their habitual failure to report what is going on in their own country also an example of "state censorship"? I only ask.

A representative example of Alexei Navalny's opinions is his description of migrants from other parts of the Russian Federation, never mind farther afield, as "cockroaches". He has never held any public office, having rarely contested any election and having never come close to winning one. Even I have done better than that.

Navalny is a fringe Far Rightist whose handful of supporters, largely marshalled by Western spooks, are proving extremely violent towards anyone who turns up to point out that fact. If Vladimir Putin had ever thought that he were a serious threat, then he would be dead. And the foreign media that are promoting him so aggressively are saying absolutely nothing, either in support of Bobi Wine, who is the rightful President of Uganda, or in support of Julian Assange, who suffers on for the freedom that they merely pretend to exercise.

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