Monday 25 January 2021

A World To Win

There are people who want the schools to carry on teaching that Britain's only contribution to the slave trade was to end it. Yet they still want statues of slavers in our public places, and they still want people to live in streets named after slavers. Just so long as no one knew whose statues those were, or whose names those streets bore. Britain, you see, had no role in the slave trade except to end it.

The slave trade funded enclosure. The struggle of the enslaved and their descendants has always been the struggle of the "white working class", and vice versa, both with nothing to lose but their chains. Today, they routinely have grandchildren in common, and Britain is unique in combining ethnic diversity in every ward with the presence of people from every inhabited territory.

This befits the land of the City of London, and the sovereign power over its network of tax havens, which launder the spoils of the world's oppression. But London is also the capital of the liberation struggle. Someone with a link to every part of that struggle is living in Britain, and someone with a link to some part of it is living in every village and neighbourhood, even beyond the obvious fact that there are members of the working class in every village and neighbourhood.

A politician who understood this has allowed himself to be defenestrated by those who were faithful to his party's founding desire to disperse the Imperial loot to its own preferred section of the population of Great Britain, and that long ago ceased to be the working class. But he has come back with a Project of his own foundation, although it is disappointingly fighting to prevent the creation of new media that are certainly going to happen, rather than seeking the platform that the existing media deny it. As many people read or watch the existing left-wing websites as are ever going to do so.

Between Assaf Kaplan and David Evans, no one who understood a word of this is going to stand any chance of becoming a Labour parliamentary candidate in 2024. But I am the Independent candidate for North West Durham. What are you doing?

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