Sunday 31 January 2021


Check out their perfect English whenever a British or American microphone is pointed at them. A few thousand obviously upper-middle-class people have been demonstrating in support of a Russian white supremacist with a negligible electoral following. How is this news even in Russia, where it probably isn't, never mind in Britain?

In normal times, vastly larger demonstrations go past the offices of the BBC, ITN and Sky News on a very regular basis, and are completely ignored. But of course, these are not normal times. Small though they are, the demonstrations in favour of Alexei Navalny would rightly be torn to shreds for breach of Covid-19 regulations if they were happening in Britain.

Convoys of police vans, and that sort of thing, you say? Well, yes. Have you ever attended, or even witnessed, even the most innocuous of demonstrations right here in Britain? No. No, of course you haven't.

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