Thursday, 29 June 2017

Good Cheer?

The cheers of Conservative and DUP MPs last night as they voted to cap the pay of emergency workers below inflation were the most disgusting spectacle since the cheers of Conservative and anti-Corbyn Labour MPs for the war advocated by a now forgotten person called Hilary Benn.

Be in no doubt that, left to themselves, all of the MPs who cheered on that occasion would also have been cheering last night.

Before Jeremy Corbyn became Leader, Labour was as pro-austerity at home as it was usually pro-war abroad (there had been a small amount of moderation under Ed Miliband).

But since Corbyn became Labour Leader, even the Conservatives can only get austerity through on the votes of people whom they have entirely exempted from it. As to war, that remains to be seen.

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