Thursday, 26 May 2011

Right Ties And Tales

The "news" is that eighty-seven per cent of Labour's funding comes from organised labour, so it is welcome to The Eighties Show, in which people have fits of the vapours at the mere mention of trade unions.

I hate to break the news to certain sections of the media, but most people now agree with the unions, apart from the RMT, and it has not been affiliated to Labour for some years, instead funding people whom David Cameron now welcomes with open arms and not a little fanfare. Neil Clark has to use his Morning Star column to get out the views of most Telegraph and Mail readers on such matters as the Post Office and the railways.

A party funded by millions of working people in the United Kingdom looks a lot more attractive than a party funded by a tiny number of largely foreign-based rich people, and acting, as New Labour did, as nothing more than a cipher for whatever slash-and-burn gibberish happens to be doing the rounds among the think tank schoolboys.

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