Thursday, 26 May 2011

But Not Now

In the absence of electoral reform, I had been seriously considering rejoining the Labour Party in two years' time (elected as an Independent, will serve the term as an Independent), until the County Council cut the transport to Catholic schools and Yvette Cooper denounced the appointment of Life to a government advisory group.


  1. If you had been on the county, the schools thing would never have happened, like the bus cuts in Lanchester and Burnhope.

    If you had been in Parliament, Cooper would never have got away with it and you would probably have been on Newsnight, where Paxo gave that woman from BPAS a damn good kicking but could still have done with you instead of the pantomime, not really pro-life Nadine Dorries on the other side.

    Rejoin the party that kept you at parish level with fewer votes even there than you got as an Independent? Why? You would always have won an AV election as every tribal Labour, Tory or Stelling voter's second or third choice. But you could still be the first past the post for the new seat in 2015.

  2. Pat Glass was very good on the schools issue last night, and she has signed the EDM to keep the vile Girls Gone Wild out of the North East. Pat as an Education Minister under Ed Miliband would be a splendid thing indeed.