Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Barbarians At The Gate

Another great civilisation manifests the decadence that comes immediately before collapse. Although the plan for 50 more coal-fired power stations is obviously to be welcomed, they should have been alongside, not instead of, nuclear power. A society defined by Christian Democrats and Social Democrats has instead fallen into the hands of neoliberals and of those soixante-huitards of the sectarian Left who have turned themselves into Greens. It is all too common a tale.

And it certainly will not stop here. The globalist-Green destruction of the industrial base that makes so much else possible is only the beginning. The proud old West German use of state power to ensure that mothers could afford to take care of their children will be replaced with the toddler warehouses of the old East Germany and of the Anglo-Saxon world since the Thatcher-Reagan years.

Dark days lie ahead for the Gymnasien, which were spontaneously restored by popular demand in the East as soon as the Wall came down, and which were always preserved in the West, including by similar demand when briefly placed under threat in the Social Democratic heartland of North-Rhine Westphalia. Honecker and Thatcher, again.

There cannot now be long left for the many Christian festivals as public holidays in Germany, or for the teaching of Christianity in schools there as recently defended by the national Social Democratic leadership when put to a referendum in Berlin. Honecker and Thatcher, again.

And so on, and on, and on. Nor will neoliberal-Green Germany take on the best feature of the old GDR, namely the relative resistance to the spread of the worst of American popular culture by what was very consciously the land of Bach, Goethe and Schiller.

Windmills will not meet Germany's energy needs, so she will have to buy in electricity from her neighbours, thus embroiling herself in the affairs of France and Poland. Some people never learn. Meanwhile, parts of the United Kingdom that refuse to have nuclear power stations (or, in principle, that refused to have anything else necessary, such as coal mines) should be taken off the National Grid until they agree to make their due contribution to it.

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