Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Nine Thousand Pound Question

Are the Oxbridge boys really so completely out of touch that they expected everywhere else to assert spontaneously that they themselves were not as good and would therefore be charging less? Presumably so, since Cameron honestly cannot see the problem with having his constituency office work done by his neighbours' offspring for no pay. How is that even legal?

Then again, Miliband also went to Oxford, so they are not all like that. Just the ones currently running the country. The ones who can manage to drive even the ATL and the RCN to the point of strike action, despite the fact that their very loudly trumpeted schools policy has failed while their health policy has been abandoned halfway through its parliamentary progress.

Tribalists on the other side, meanwhile, need to add the ATL and the RCN to the long, and ever-longer, list of those deserving of reappraisal in the present climate, and even more so in the realignment to be brought about by electoral reform.

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