Tuesday 21 December 2010

Stand To Gain

I have been sent the following:

Today, the Northern TUC has published figures showing the UK taxpayer would stand to gain by £106 million per year as a result of the 800 direct jobs and 7500 supply chain jobs if the Government backs Hitachi's proposal for the Intercity Express Programme. This takes into account the benefits saved, the extra taxes paid through people being in work and the good average level of pay in manufacturing and unionised jobs.

Getting people into work is the best way to tackle the deficit. Phil Wilson MP will be using these figures in Westminster around 4pm today to hammer home the case to the whole country of the Intercity Express Programme going ahead as proposed. Only Hitachi's bid will generate so many British jobs and benefit the taxpayer and North East economy in this way.

Together with Phil Wilson MP, Unite the Union, Durham County Council and the North East Chamber of Commerce we are keeping up the pressure on the government to make the right decision for the North East and for the UK taxpayer. National lobbying of ministers is taking place on an ongoing basis. Thanks again for all your support,

Neil Foster
Policy and Campaigns Officer
Northern TUC

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