Friday 24 December 2010

Holiday Hijinks

Philip Giraldi, The Democrat We Need's nominee for Deputy National Security Advisor, writes:

It must be the season. Bibi Netanyahu will press the Obama Administration to free convicted Israeli/American spy Jonathan Pollard. My sources report that Obama has asked the Justice Department to brief him on the objections to doing so, so there is a better than even chance that Pollard will walk. An interesting aspect of the Pollard tale in its current version is that former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb has become a chief advocate for freeing Pollard, flying to Israel to address both Netanyahu and key Knesset members. Korb, who is presumably Jewish, is alleging that the reason for Pollard’s harsh sentence was that former Defense Secretary Cap Weinberger had a “visceral hatred of Jews.” Weinberger is no longer around to defend himself and Korb is conveniently forgetting the roomful of secrets that Pollard passed to his Israeli handlers, information that Israel subsequently agreed to return but never did. Korb also claims that the belief that Pollard passed information that wound up in Soviet hands, leading to the deaths of American agents, has since been found to be false. Funny, I’ve never seen evidence for that and I have spoken to individuals close to the subsequent damage assessment who claim that Pollard’s espionage had a devastating impact, hence the draconian sentence.

Another story getting almost no traction in the MSM is the account of how one Zalman Shapiro is in line for a top US government award for his work as a scientist and inventor. Only problem is Shapiro was president of a Pennsylvania company called NUMEC that is generally believed to be the source of 741 pounds of weapons grade uranium that made its way to Israel in the 1960s. In fact, CIA sources are convinced that NUMEC was the source of the Israeli nuclear program and have said so publicly. Shapiro allegedly met with Rafael Eitan, the same Mossad case officer who handled Pollard.

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