Monday 27 December 2010

Of Beardies and Bully Boys

Martin Kelly writes:

The only observation one can make upon the depressing indiscretions uttered by Vince Cable et al to undercover reporters from The Daily Telegraph is that in light of that newspaper's reporting on MP's expenses, one has to ask whether it is now actually seeking to end the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition.

If that were to be happen, it would achieve the dubious distinction of providing an even more powerful illustration of the United Kingdom's democratic deficit than did the formation of the coalition itself. Just as the balance sheet of the Royal Bank of Scotland was, in the halcyon days of 2007, more valuable than the whole of the British economy, if it were to break the coalition then The Daily Telegraph, a private company, would hold more power than any other institution in the country.

While many are unhappy with the coalition, myself included, I am at least in favour of having some government rather than no government at all, the likely outcome of the coalition falling to bits as a result of some very gauche Liberal Democrat beardies voicing their opinions of their Bullingdon Boy colleagues.

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