Friday 31 December 2010

Nabatieh upon Tyne?

After all, the place has also sometimes been known as Château Neuf, and it remains noted for its Medieval European castle, as well as for its large Catholic minority.

I have been to Newcastle twice this week, and on both occasions I have noticed Lebanese restaurants, each time in a different part of town. I should ask them which lot of Lebanese they are. Either way, they will know whether or not Arab Christians eat halal meat. If they do, then that settles the matter of whether there is anything wrong with it in principle.


  1. French placenames, Medieval European castles and large numbers of Catholics or other Christians in the Middle East? Does anyone know about this? Better make sure they never find out.

    To make sure they do find out, if we must have immigration, then by all means make it Lebanese. How would the Damian Thompsons of the world, this week giving over a whole page of the Catholic Herald to Conrad Black's hagiography of Tony Blair's foreign policy and explicit defence of the Zionist war against Lebanon, deal with that?

    Keep the Faith in 2011.

  2. The Christian card has always been the trump card, if we could only play it properly. Mr Lindsay, your work both on the Internet and behind the scenes is invaluable and quite unique. Painfully slowly, people in the West are waking up to the fact that the war against Iraq is a war against Christians.

    One day you will maybe make them see that alliance with Turkey and Egypt is alliance with the persecutors of Christians, that 1948 was the destruction of a Christian civilization, and that that destruction is being extended already into Lebanon, then into Syria and Iran.