Monday 20 December 2010

Back To Our Routes

We do not need to give some private, already or soon-to-be foreign company a license to print public money for whizzing our supposedly high fliers from one city centre to another.

We need to renationalise the railways, uniquely without compensation in view of the manner of their privatisation, as the basis for a national network of public transport free at the point of use, including the reversal of bus route and rail line closures going back to the 1950s.

Only public ownership can deliver this. Public ownership is of course British ownership, and thus a safeguard of national sovereignty. It is also a safeguard of the Union in that it creates communities of interest across the several parts of the United Kingdom. Publicly owned concerns often even had, and could have again, the word "British" in their names.


  1. David,
    I am not too sure. It seems a step backward and seems against the principle of subsidarity.

  2. Yes, it is a step backwards. A very necessary step backwards.

    As for subsidiarity, national level is the optimum level at which to do this, restore a priceless national asset.

  3. Great post, Mr. Lindsay. Mass transportation should be viewed in the same way as the public post office, as a vital link between communities.

  4. What a pity that we never called it the Royal Rail. Perhaps, when it is back in public ownership, we will.