Tuesday 21 December 2010

Politician Has Opinion

What next? "Newspaper Edits Story In Parent-Company's Commercial Interest"?

If this were not supposed to be the overtly political decision that it certainly ought to be and in any case cannot avoid being, then it would not be in the hands of a Minister drawn from and accountable to Parliament.

We could have no confidence in any Business Secretary who had not declared war on Rupert Murdoch. If Cable goes, then that foreign citizen (he long ago ceased to be one of Her Majesty's Australian subjects) will demonstrably enjoy the power of hire and fire over Ministers of the Crown of the United Kingdom. Any judge who upheld that attack on our sovereignty should be dismissed by resolution of both Houses of Parliament.

Shame on "Labour" and shame on the "Conservatives" for collaborating with that enemy power. Shame, but no surprise. Roll on electoral reform, when we can have a proper Labour party and a proper Tory party.

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