Saturday, 21 November 2009

Senator Hoffman?

Giuliani makes Scozzafava look like Taki.

But last time, Hoffman held to the line of Bush and the Club for Growth on immigration. And he held to the line of Bush and Palin on war, including the "War On Terror". Has he learned the lesson? Capitalism and its wars not only are not conservative, but nor do they deliver the votes.

So perhaps, in the state that returned James L Buckley to the Senate under strikingly similar circumstances, what is needed is a candidate who already knew that both of those things were the case. Who and where is that candidate?

What with this and, we may yet hope, the nomination of Bob Conley against the preposterous Joe Wilson, alleged scourge of illegal immigrants but supporter against Conley of Lindsey Grahamnesty, next year's Congressional Elections are shaping up to be very, very interesting indeed.


  1. Will you be writing about this on your Telegraph blog?

  2. No, I'll be writing about this over in The American Conservative, if you'll give me a moment -

  3. Pity. What will you be writing about next on your Telegraph blog?

  4. He is far too glamorously transatlantic for that now. They could never afford him.

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    The TAC post is up.