Monday, 23 November 2009


Although I should add that I am mixed-race in this very white area indeed (if I had every penny that, in conversation, I have caused to drop, then I'd be a lot better off than I am now), The Exile writes:

Peter Hobbins was an Orpington Tory councillor until Saturday when two e-mails that he sent out were leaked to a Liberal-Democrat blog, thus forcing his resignation from the Conservative Party. What heinous commentary did the mails contain? Well, the party is selecting its candidate to fight the next general election and one mail complains about idiotic candidates who ask how to write a speech and want to know where Orpington actually is.

His other e-mail then complained about the number of people who lacked standard British names, using such exotic types as Dilon Gumraj and Zera Zaidi as examples. He concludes by saying that "The candidates' department are simply rushing these names through. They have no idea about how Associations are organised and have zero experience of political campaigning."

It looks to your friendly old Exile as if Peter Hobbins jumped before he was pushed, and that the Tories are making a rod for their own back with this action. The Tory shires are as white as white can be, and the people who live in places like Orpington are unlikely to vote for an ethnic candidate just because the Tory leadership wants to be all nice and diverse.

All David Cameron had to do was sit back and wait for the election to fall into his lap, but he seems determined to make his path to Downing Street as difficult as possible.

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