Friday, 20 November 2009

Are The Republicans Stupak?

This is the point at which the Republicans are called out on abortion. Ideally, when radical feminist Dems threaten to sink the Bill because of Stupak. Don’t bet against that one.

Handed the power to save the Bill that, by making most healthcare federally funded, would make abortion all but impossible (even before the provisions of the Democratic-sponsored, Obama-endorsed Pregnant Women Support Act saw off most of the usual arguments for abortion to be legal at all), what will the GOP then do? Plenty of Catholics, white Evangelicals, and others will be watching.

It might not happen like that. But it is going to happen. Thanks to Stupak, this is the point at which the Republicans have to put up or shut up on the abortion issue. And thus on any future hope of the pro-life vote, without which the GOP could no longer continue to exist.

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