Sunday, 29 November 2009

Dubai World?

Congratulations to the Swiss, by fifty-eight per cent to forty-two, and by twenty-three cantons to three. The loaded opinion polls are rubbish. Their real purpose, not of measuring public opinion but of influencing it, has spectacularly failed to be met. And the True West lives.

But so does the pseudo-West. Its brash, vulgar, debt-based, drugged-up, whore-ridden, worker-persecuting colony of godlessness, rootlessness and International White Trash in Dubai is on the brink of collapse. But who will be moving in? None other than Abu Dhabi, expected to make the abaya compulsory as a representative example of its price for a bailout, also including complete political control of the UAE. If so instructed by this Islamist-neocon confederation, a miniature embodiment of that global alliance, the American Presidential candidate who is now the Secretary of State promised to nuke Iran. Still, at least they are not seven British protectorates anymore, eh?

Watch out, Switzerland. You have done well today, striking out as an outpost of Biblical-Classical civilisation which refuses to have the architectural features triumphalistically added to the churches of once-Christian Asia Minor, once-Christian Mesopotamia, the once-Christian Levant, and once-Christian North Africa. And striking out against the consequences of the pseudo-West's dismemberment of Yugoslavia, as it now wishes to dismember Belgium, to be followed by Britain and indeed Switzerland. But when it comes to usury, drugs, prostitution, secularisation, and all the other defining features of the pseudo-West, you have a lot of work to do. You have made a start today. You must follow through, or you, too, will end up going cap in hand to the likes of Abu Dhabi.

Watch out, Switzerland.

And watch out, Britain.


  1. No monarchy in Switzerland.

  2. No, the cantons are probably the last functioning examples of pre-Revolutionary Catholic and Protestant republican traditions, to which America could, with work, also be conformed, since 1776 came before 1789.

    Switzerland is not unlike the UAE, in that by almost any objective measure the cantons are the real countries. They come together to do certain things through the Confederation, which does far less than the EU does.

  3. Tariq Ramadan has an article on this, with no comments allowed. On Comment is Free!

  4. The people most annoyed by this result are the people who were most pleased when the European Court banned crucifixes in Italian classrooms.

  5. But of course.

    Swiss Toni, it is allowing comments now. There must have been a lot of emails.

  6. Good news for the True West, I agree. The cynic in me wonders how long it will be before they are asked to vote again.