Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Extremists, Indeed

I don't want schools run by Hizb ut Tahrir. But nor do I want every state school in England to be controlled, either by Michael Gove of the Henry Jackson Society, or by Ed Balls of Labour Friends of Israel. How many wars has Hizb ut Tahrir started? How many seats in our legislature has Hizb ut Tahrir sold in its criminal purchase of British foreign policy?

It was David Cameron whose vehicles toured Ealing Southall blasting out in Asian languages that Hindu, Muslim and Sikh festivals would be made public holidays under the Tories. It was his “Quality of Life Commission” then proposed giving the power to decide these things to “local community leaders”. What else would those figures be given the power to decide in return for filling in every postal voting form in their households in the Bullingdon Boys’ interest, and making sure that all their mates did likewise?

To the statelets thus created – little Caliphates, little Hindutvas, little Khalistans, and so on – people minded to live in such places would flock from the ends of the earth, entrenching the situation for ever. Perhaps when the ultra-Orthodox have been denaturalised by Avigdor Lieberman and his loyalty oath, then Cameron can just give then Stamford Hill, or Salford (bye, bye, Blears), or Gateshead? Then again, perhaps it will be the secular Ashkenazi ultra-nationalists who come to realise that the only way of living the dream among no one but themselves will be if they accept a little bit of Britain, of all places, in which to do so?

In that case, we may as well take the “dissident Republicans” as well, even if we will still need some here else in which to put those currently accrued to Jim Allister. Will it be Lefebvrists or liberal Catholics, neither very big but each now with the characteristics of an ethnic group, who require such provision? Will it be hardline Anglican liberals, or those conservative Evangelicals who oppose women bishops but could never go over to Rome? Again, each could almost pass for an ethnic minority now, and will be a fully fledged one within a single generation. Perhaps it will be all of them. Plus many, many, many more besides.

Oh, well, we may as well make the best of it. Let us identify the “local communities” to which, in the event of a Cameron victory, we will be evacuating the Christians of Orissa, Darfur, Iraq and Palestine. Just for a start.

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