Monday, 23 November 2009

A Hung Parliament: The End of The Lib Dems

The Tory ones in the North would never go in with Labour.

The Labour ones in the South would never go in with the Tories.

And the party as a whole could not survive the creation of a hung Parliament coalition without them in it. What would they then be for?

A Tory-Labour coalition, routine in local government and until recently running Germany (in both cases for the same reason - to keep out the Liberals), is actually more likely than anything involving Nick Clegg.

Still, it would have been wonderful to see George Osborne's reaction when he was told that Vince Cable was going to be Chancellor instead of him. Darling could have coped. But not Osborne.


  1. Are the southern Lib Dems Labourish? I always thought they tried to be pale blue to steal Tory votes, especially in the South West.

  2. They are middle-class Labour/moderate Green, with libertarian and environmentalist extremists hanging about.

  3. The Lib Dems are not a party they are a franchise.

  4. Exactly. They are Neither Of The Above, though especially not the one that matters round here. Coalition with Either Of The Above would break them in two. Not ideologically, but regionally. Since, as you say, they are a franchise, not a party.