Monday, 27 April 2009

Silver Linings, Indeed

There was always something about identity cards that was somehow just never going to happen in this country. And now we can't afford them, anyway. So that's that.

Nor can we afford that giant database. So we are not going to have it. Jolly good.

But nor can we afford Trident.

And nor can we afford the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


  1. "Votres papiers monsieur/mein herr" seems so continental. I dont like it.
    In Britain and Ireland there is no tradition of having papers to actually do......nothing at all.

    If I want to borrow a library book, drive a car or travel abroad it is perfectly reasonable to have some kind of ID.
    Having an ID card to merely exist is an absurdity.
    Frankly I would not carry an ID card or apply for one.

  2. Very true. And the part-privatisation of health, education, and welfare services, through "independent providers" is not only costly, but inefficient. But no doubt, the Tories will be lobbying for wasteful contracting out to continue, as their plans to further break-up the eduction system prove.